Product Characteristics - (.PDF) User Manual (EN) (SP) (IT) (FR)
Model : eBOX - espressoBOXplus - coffee
Pressure Method : Pump - Ulka 20 Bars of Pressure - Made in Italy
Dimensions : 140mm. wide x 360mm. deep x 275mm. high
5.50" wide x 14" deep x 10.75" high
Volts/Watts : 120V/60Hz
Origin : Italian Designed & Engineered - Made in China
Material :
ABS Food Grade Plastic Casing
Cleaning & Care : Handwash Removable Parts
Warranty : 2 Years from date of purchase
Special Features :

Commercial Grade Hydraulic Brewing Technology
Easy Vertical Pod-Drop Feature.
Automatically Discharges Eco-Friendly Pods Into a Pod Collector Box that Holds Up to 15 Used Coffee or Espresso Pods.
1 Single-serve coffee & espresso pod brewer
Free coffee/espresso pod samples
$150+ VALUE
1 Single-serve coffee & espresso pod brewer
Free coffee/espresso pod samples
$150+ VALUE
Bryce Connors, Acton, MA
Hi Christian, thanks for shipping the eBOX. I just used it and it is fantastic! I really appreciate all the features - the auto shut-off, customizable brew amount and customizable temperature.  It is a well designed and thought out machine, and fairly priced!
Thanks for great product!

Tom Buckley, San Francisco, CA
I searched the internet, for a less costly replacement of my Gagia Classic, which had died after many years of service. for a machine that I wanted to use exclusively for ese espresso pods.
Unfortunately single serve ese espresso pod machines were beautiful but very expensive. That was until I found Mr. Podhead's EBox. I found a machine that was affordable and gave me the opportunity to have a good espresso shot with minimal effort, cost and waste. After using the EBox for three months I give it a hearty thumbs up. I love the ease and cost to produce a very good cup of espresso or coffee. In addition to using and liking the product I also have to comment on the outstanding customer service provided by Gianni at Mr. Podhead's. When you combine good business practice with outstanding products it makes it a pleasure to do business.

Susan Sautman, Culver City, CA
When my old pod coffeemaker died I decided to try Podhead's own pod coffeemaker. Not only is it beautifully designed but it makes wonderful coffee. It not only makes "regular" coffee but it makes a terrific espresso that is nice and foamy on top and it delivers the coffee quickly. All in all, I love this product and would recommend it wholeheartedly.
Judy, Danbury, CT
The BEST coffee/espresso pod machine EVER!!
Christopher Bennet, Stanford, CA
We purchased the eBox in an attempt to find a more economically-friendly method to provide single-serve coffee on-demand to our staff. Our staff had raised concerns about the volume of waste created by common pod machines like Keurigs, and thus far (we've had it only two weeks), feedback has been great. We purchased a 100-pod sampler with our initial order, and have just placed an order for 300 more pods. The only note I would put is that while the pod machine is designed to make both espresso and regular coffee, the regular coffee option only appears to work for a coffee mug of ~8-12 oz. Our coffee drinkers, however, bring their 16-20oz mugs to the breakrooms, so what has become general practice is actually to just brew espresso and add hot water to make an americano. Overall it's a great product and we look forward to continue using it.
Jesse Smith, Burlington, IA
The Ebox is the best coffee/espresso maker ever! Very simple to use, with no plastic taste or waste. It comes out nice and frothy, unlike other coffee makers. Just drop the pod in, push the button and voilà.